S100 White Chain Spray

S100 White Chain Spray

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S100 White Chain Spray is practically impossible to throw off, and has excellent penetration properties. Special lubricating additives ensure maximum protection against wear and up to twice the mileage of the chain. Lubrication intervals up to two times longer, and optimum lubricating properties from −30° to +110 °C. Excellent resistance to washing off (driving through rain, motorcycle washes). Contains PTFE. Protects O/X/Z rings and keeps them supple.

Chains use lubricants for operating in the mixed friction range, i.e. the power is transmitted via the lubricant area as well as the solid body contact. A reasonable tribological layout therefore requires the application of a suitable chain spray, in order to minimize the mixed-friction wear as far as possible.

The main requirement for a good chain spray in mixed-friction operation applications therefore is to maintain the chain function at a preferably low chain and gear wear. Secondary requirements concern oxidation resistance,adhesioncorrosion resistance and the wetting of wear parts.

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