S100 Scratch Remover

S100 Scratch Remover

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For paint and plastic only. Scratches will be removed for good and not just covered up. Scratches are removed without creating new one while polishing. The result is a highly brilliant surface and colour depth. Easy and quick application. ONLY ONE OPERATION. Silicone-free. Painted motorcycle parts, e.g. casing, tank etc. Hard, transparent plastic, e.g. headlights, blinkers, windscreen. Solid-coloured, unpainted plastic, either rough or matts finish, cannot be polished e.g. back of mirror.

After a certain period of use there will inevitably be ugly marks on the motorcycle. There will be scratches on the paint and plastic that can often not be removed using traditional polishes. Until now you simply had to live with such blemishes or spend a lot of money on professional help.

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