S100 Leather Suede & Matt

S100 Leather Suede & Matt

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Cares for and protects types of suede such as nubuck and also matt, smooth leather, maintaining the leather’s typical suede or matt look. Keeps leather feeling soft and smooth. Reduces dirt adhesion; water-repellent; colourless, but reinvigorates original colours. Maintains the functionality of breathable membranes. All types of suede, such as nubuck, and matt, smooth leather. Also suitable for leather/textile combinations (incl. TFL-Cool, punched leather).


Until now, there was no such thing as a care product for suede and matt, smooth leather that could both maintain their natural appearance and restore important nutrients in the leather. Without additional nutrients, suede and matt, smooth leather can become rough and brittle, and their colours can fade.

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