F100 Waterproofing Agent

F100 Waterproofing Agent

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This agent offers extra strong protection from wetness and evaporative cooling with long-lasting effectiveness. It protects item from getting fully absorbed with water and therefore from evaporative cooling. It also maintains breathability of climate membranes (e.g. Gore-Tex, Sympatex). Suitable for textiles and leather and protection from fading due to UV radiation. Other  uses include water, oil and dirt-repellent without staining for  textile and leather fabrics e.g. functional clothing, shoes, tents, rucksacks.

If you have ever been surprised by a heavy rain shower, you know how important waterproofed textiles and leather items (jacket, trousers or shoes) are. Even the outer fabric of waterproof membrane clothing is fully absorbed with water and causes unpleasant evaporative cooling. Your body cools down and you have the feeling of being wet. It also significantly reduces the membrane’s breathability.    


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