F100 Dry Chain Lube

F100 Dry Chain Lube

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Product Advantages:
Ensures perfectly smooth running and a clean chain
• Combines the advantages of an oil lubrication with those of dry lubrication thanks to
new hybrid formula
• Transparent hybrid fim forms as a dry yet flxible protective layer on the chain, chain
ring and sprocket
• Signifiantly reduced friction and excellent freedom of movement by all moving parts
• Dirt and water repellent
• Optimum protection against wear and corrosion
• Absolutely no spinning off
• Tremendous creep performance

For all parts to be lubricated on the bicycle
• Chain, suspension fork, damper, control cables etc.

How to apply:
Shake bottle before use. Spray thinly and evenly onto the inside of the clean, dry bicycle
chain and allow to dry. Then wipe off surplus lubricant using a dry cloth. Treat chain again
immediately after long journeys in the rain and no later than after about 300 km.
Please note: Before use, clean chain with F100 Chain-Cleaner. Do not use on brake discs and
brake pads and tyres.

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