F100 Chain Cleaner

F100 Chain Cleaner

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This Gel formula is for powerful and fast chain cleaning. The F100 chain cleaner combines outstanding penetrability during spraying with perfect adhesion while the product acts on the material (thixotropy). It is self-cleaning through gel formula, has high penetrability for optimal cleaning, improves running properties of the chain by dissolving dirt particles. It’s special corrosion protection additive prevents wear and tear and corrosion of chain, crank and cartridge. It is also acid-free, does not damage any surfaces. For the bicycle chain, chain rings, gear, rim etc.

While the bike is in motion, there is permanent friction between the chain and the gear, and also between the chain links. This causes fine metal abrasion and as a result the chain gets dirty. Together with the residue of the chain lubricants, sand, road dirt etc., a tough layer of dirt forms on the chain and gear that significantly accelerates wear and tear. More lubrication is increasingly ineffective because the lubricant can no longer penetrate the chain.

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