Dal Soggio Kit Ray version 2013 – 2015
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Dal Soggio Kit Ray version 2013 – 2015

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RAY KIT PISTONS FOR WP 4CS is a kit, studied and created by Dal Soggio Race to enhance the performances of WP 4CS, efficaciously revolutionizing the whole front fork. In fact, once have installed the modification kit, both the legs of front fork return to work in the same way and remains the pressurization of the original system. Excellent for enduro is also fit for motocross and the other various off-road disciplines.


The Dal Soggio Race’s kit are a simple and smart solution to improve the performances of the standard suspensions, making them more secure and high-performance in all grounds. They’re certainly an optimum compromise for those who want customize the suspensions of their motorcycle, without totally upheavals, but obtaining anyway perfect yield!


How does RAY kit pistons work?
The RAY kit completely modifies the way to work utilized by WP 4CS system, bringing to a compression in the lower part and rebound on the upper part of both legs, doubling the oil flow on shims.

What does RAY include?
The RAY kit includes:

  • 2 assembled compression units
  • 2 pins with rebound calibration
  • 2 compression registers to apply on the upper caps
  • 2 thicknesses in order to increase the springs’ preload

How install the RAY kit?
We of Dal Soggio Race always recommend to contact the centers specialized in suspensions’ set up (you could find someone on “Retailers” page), where expert and trained people will know quickly install and setting your RAY kit in the best way and in safety, a thing that should never be underestimated!

Which versions of RAY are available?
Two version of kit are available, one for all KTM models and Husqvarna that are been provided with WP 4CS front forks since 2013 to 2015 and 2016 models.

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