Proper chain cleaning and maintenance

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Getting the right chain lube is as essential as getting the right oil for your bike. A clean and well lube chain reduces friction thru your drive chain and therefore lesser power lost transmitting from your engine to your wheel.

While there are plenty of brands and type of chain lube in the market, how do you know which are the chain lube you should use


Well at Motology store we are riders too and we usually always test or use the stuff before we sell so you don't have to suffer with poor quality products. Certain lubes attach more dirt and grime than others, and doesn't have much anti - fling properties that will turn nasty to your motorcycle rims and thus defeat the purpose of "lubing" the chain.

*dirty situation happens with certain lubes.


Chains elongate due to wear. Knowing when to replace a chain is a judgment call for the average rider. It’s best to monitor the sprocket teeth and grooves and replace all three components simultaneously. Fresh drivetrain components have significantly different dimensions from worn-out ones. When they don’t mate properly, they wear their companion parts very quickly.


Proper cleaning and lubrication can drastically increase a chain’s lifespan and make the rear wheel spin noticeably freer. Avoid direct pressure from washer sprays and wire brushes, especially with an O-ring chain.

Steps to clean and relube your motorcycle chain.

1. Spray Chain Cleaner onto the chain, you should always only use proper chain cleaner only and not "contact cleaner" as it will damage your O / X / Z ring's chain and other plastics, rubber parts on your bike.

2. Let application take effect for about 10 - 15mins and use a brush to scrub if necessary

3. Rinse off thoroughly with running water and let dry

watch video for refrence.

 4.Use a proper motorcycle chain lube to lube around your chain, It is recommended that the chain spray should be applied "inside" while rotating the rear wheel. By the centrifugal force, the fluid is pushed outward in the chain. Ideally, there should be a touch of lubricant on the roller when it contacts the sprocket too.

5. Let it sit in for at least 20 - 30 mins, and you are good to go. We recommend relubing your chain again after a short trip or a short moto around the track. Always also ensure your chain is in the correct slackness / tension.

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