Importance Of Corrosion Protectant

Corrosion prevention Maintenance

With the high humidity & high moisture level weather in Singapore it is important to protect your bike with corrosion protectant. No matter how clean you keep your bike, you always have to be on the lookout for that dreaded “enemy number one”, corrosion.  Unless you live in the desert, humidity, salt air, spring road salt and plain old pollution threaten your bike’s “precious metals”.

Rust and corrosion caused by moisture attack the metal parts of a motorbike and deteriorate its value and appearance. Only a few people know that a reliable and effective protection against this problem exists. 

Corrosion is defined as "the degradation of materials by chemical reaction with the environment in which the material resides." This is because of metal oxidation. As metals have a tendency to return to their natural state, it is a natural process which produces either salt or oxides.

To prevent the effect of corrosion the application of anti rust / corrosion protectant is required.

Product such as the S100 Corrosion Protectant will get the job done.

Simply shake well and apply the product on clean and dry surfaces only. Spray on the product sparsely and evenly or apply with soaked cloth and wipe with a soft cloth subsequently. The S100 Corrosion protectant is absolutely safe to on rubber and plastic parts however do avoid spraying on brake disks and tyre treads.


The S100 Corrosion protectant is a

• Regular application protects all motorbike metal parts reliably against new corrosion and stops existing corrosion

• Forms a “self-healing” transparent protection film that closes again immediately after contact and therefore is superior to wax

• Perfectly suited for winter abandonment

• Not aggressive to lacquer, rubber and plastic materials

• Greases and eliminates moisture

• Successfully passed a salt spray test according to DIN 50021 after 2,112 hours

The S100 Corrosion protectant is now available on our online store, remember prevention is better than cure!

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