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 Written By Uncuffed Team Members,

Its a surprise that “Mountain Biking Hype” has escalated that fast in a place like Singapore, where there's ample elevation in terms of topography. Though its a pity, riders are still having fun making the most out of what they have, sometimes trying to fabricate “This can Do” tracks in urban areas. So, if you happen to be riding on some trails in Singapore, i bet you have noticed a bunch of crazy/dumb individuals doing crazy stuff, doing jumps, trying to do what they see on MTB videos in a place like Singapore. Well, that's us. “Commit....or Eat Shit.” We are UNcuffed.

UNcuffed, a crazy Singapore based bicycle Team, is good at doing what your Mom always tells you not to do. We actually cannot remember the exact date when the group was actually formed, the least of our concerns. All we want to do is make the most out of the weekend riding trails, trying to hit those jumps, hopefully style it out and sometimes laugh and make fun of our comrades trying to bail out from a crash. Yes we know its brutal, pushing each other's confidence to the limits, even though we suck bigtime, but that's what makes it even more fun! This low profile team is a bit above 100-followers and 5-founding members strong, serves bike riders of all ages and abilities throughout Singapore and the Philippines. With a mission to improve lives through bicycling, we teach the joys of bicycling, advocate for safety on cycling at all times and try to produce world-class riders and events. Our signature programs include the regular weekend rides on a few but fun tracks inside and outside Singapore, Fund raising rides for people or communities in need, relaxed City Group Rides, exciting Bike raffles, Short talks on Basics of Bicycling, and the yearly infamous Mini DH race “Lacorte's Cup”.

A Facebook page, UNcuffed, including various pictures of ride adventures, are shown and featured free regularly to all members and followers.

UNcuffed was started by 'Bok', 'JM', 'Jiggs' 'Shurnak' and 'Moth', not long before these fathers, housemates, college mates and a work-colleague started riding MTB's, as a team aimed at all abilities and genders. The key is that everyone just enjoys riding their bikes, may it be DH specific, Enduro, XC, Road, Fixed Gear, BMX, Trials etc. “You love to Ride, we're here to Guide”. The Team is now managed by a committee with the continued aim of maintaining a friendly club for all.

As a team we make sure all members, open to all abilities, get something from each ride we put on.

Uncuffed' at it's Best.....somehow?

2012 Batam Downhill Challenge – 3rd Place Master “A” category

2013 Tampines Downhill Race – 3rd and 4th Place Master “A” category

2014 Redbull Downmall – 3rd place Master “A” category

2015 Tampines Downhill Race – 3rd Place Master “A” category

Rule of Thumb

On either road or MTB rides, we must, at all times follow the “Highway Code” when applicable. Please show respect to other road users and the general public, as a club we wish to promote positive attitude in our everyday lives.

“Always make new members welcome, offer advice and encourage them, no matter what level of ability they possess”.

Below is a list of items we advise you to carry with you when out riding, either as a club or by yourself.

* Spare Inner Tube

* Pump/Gas Inflator

* Tyre Levers

* Multi -Tool

* Spare Change

* Mobile Phone

* At least 1 water bottle / Hydration Pack

As a club, we want to make sure everyone is having fun while out riding, but let’s also make sure we are safe and able to deal with “On the move” bike repairs.

Find out more about Uncuffed here ( )

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