African Twin Singapore Offroad Crash Course

Honda Africa Twin Novik Gloves Support Rider support news

The African Twin Singapore Group appreciate quality products from us, Motology Store is proud to provide good quality products for the both man and machine for the African Twin offroad crash course last weekend. 


The Novik SV3 Gloves was able to provide maximum comfort for the rider while riding offroad, it has been created to provide a high level of upper hand protection yet still maintain good grip feel and dexterity. Designed for riders that prefer an un-padded palm, yet still have a need for upper hand and finger protection. Do check out the rest of Novik Gloves collection too!


The SW - Motech Side Stand Enlarger was fitted to most of the African twin to improve the motorcycle’s balance on off road surfaces and soft ground.



Don't be fool by it's size! For a riding buddy that doesn't even seem like it's there, you've got the Supermini TankerTank Bag by OGIO. Your pockets will thank you.

Adam: " Ur tank bag can put quite alot of stuff sia. ??????"


Check out the rest of the products on our online store!

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